Air Conditioners- A mere luxury?

Gone are those days when air conditioners were termed a luxury and today it is evolving to be one among the basic needs, especially in cities and urban areas. All thanks to air conditioning in offices and cars, where a major part of one’s day is spent, we have become accustomed to the feeling of having a conditioned, comfortable and cool environment around us. There are innumerable factors that have contributed to the increasing surge in demand for Air conditioning products. In general, the growing infrastructure based developments, technological advancements and increasing tourism are expected to positively influence the HVAC...

We hope this message finds you well. We are writing to inform you about an exciting development at Finpower Aircon Systems Pvt Ltd. We have relocated our factory and head office from Baikampady Industrial Area to Ganjimutt Industrial area- a new and improved location to better serve your needs.

Effective June 2023, our new address will be: Finpower Aircon Systems Pvt Ltd, Block No. 12P(4),EPIP, Industrial Area, 1st Phase, 574144, Ganjimutt, Karnataka, India.

We are thrilled about this move as it will provide us with enhanced facilities and resources, enabling us to deliver an even better experience to our valued customers like you.