Air Handling Units

 Finpower manufactures customized and standard air handling unit starting from 5TR capacity. Air handling unit is used to provide ventilation, heating, cooling, dehumidification and air distribution to a space.

Air handling unit

  • Fresh air handling units are constructed in Thermal break profile.
  • High Quality CFC free injected polyutherane foam. Rock wool /fibre glass insulation can be provided as required.
  • Floor mounted or ceiling suspended type.
  • High efficiency backward curved fans tested and certified by AMCA in accordance to AMCA 210 for air performance and AMCA 300
    for sound performance and FEG certified fans
  • Cooling coils of copper fins and copper tubes / anti corrosive coating. Stainless steel casing etc can be provided for coastal applications.
  • With EC motors for special applications e.g. LEED, Green building concepts.
  • UL Certified Electric heaters.
  • Stainless Steel drain pan as per ASHRAE 62.2.
  • Suitable for Outdoor Applications.
  • Can be customized according to the site requirement.
  • VFD /Starter control panel can be provided.
  • Airflow Available from 1700 CMH to 68000 CMH.

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