Dry Air Scrubber

Compact Design & Low Noise

The dry air scrubber is a filtration device that removes fine particles like dust and smoke, from a flowing gas using the force of an induced electrostatic charge minimally impending the flow of gases through the unit.

The air scrubber is highly automatized with unique and workable solutions such as its mechanical structure, HV power pack controlling, systematic safety provisions, and malfunction self-diagnosis function.

•   Fume & mist elimination efficiency>90%.
•   Powerful, stable and energy-saving.
•   Patented cylindrical honeycomb structure filter cell, ensuring extremely high efficiency of fume &mist elimination.
•   Multiple protection functions such as electrostatic discharge protection, power over-heated protection, making it safe and reliable for our facility.

•   Safe, Reliable and Eco-friendly.
•   Electric field cells with modular design and slide-in tracks to facilitate easy removal of cells for cleaning and servicing.
•   Compact Size, flexible structure, adaptive to various installation environments.