Breathe fresh air and chill!! Article in Gulf News

This summer, experience the quality of treated fresh air from Finpower air conditioning products, says Rajesh Shenoy, Managing Director, Finpower Aircon LLC.
Fresh air is indispensable for a healthy living. “Finpower units are specifically designed to handle circulation of fresh air along with recirculated air efficiently and effectively,” he says.
The company’s Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) units are capable of removing odours from kitchens, toilets, garbage bins and similar area. They are designed to maintain the minimum amount of fresh air as is regulated and governed by ASHRAE guidelines. “You will never feel the need for purifiers and odour modifiers when treated fresh air such as this is introduced within a residence, “Shenoy says.
It often goes unnoticed that split air conditioners have no provision to introduce fresh air into rooms. Finpower has the solution, says Shenoy. “We have designed low-height ERVs to introduce fresh air and conserve energy further, making it more affordable and environment-friendly fro even small lodges and residences.”
Finpower air-handling units are Eurovent certified and are comprehensively tested at TUV Germany and TUV Denmark. The results indicate that its units have one of the highest ratings for performance, Shenoy says.
The company’s manufacturing unit is located at Dubai Industrial Park ( formerly DIC). Group companies include Maxell Trading and Maxell Industries, through which the group has serviced the Middle Eastern air conditioning industry since 2002.
Finpower’s after-sales team is made up of highly skilled service engineers and technicians who manage and resolve challenges over various sites, while catering to sudden unanticipated requirements from customers.
“Our determination and commitment have helped us sustain and contribute to the socio-economic environment. In the light, Finpower units are running successfully in prime and prestigious projects to complete satisfaction of our clients in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, India and gradually we mark our presence globally,” Shenoy says.