At Finpower, we take pride in being recognized as one of the most trusted and reliable AHU and FCU manufacturers in in India- A proud participant of Make in India products. Furthermore, our unparalleled commitment to quality products and service deliveries has solidified our reputation across the Asia pacific and Middle Eastern. Notably, our strengths lie in the customization, strong engineering skills and certifications like Eurovent for Air Handling Units and AHRI for Fan Coil Units, positioning us to meet international standards. With such international certification, we have raised the bar on quality in this industry. Consequently, this ensures that our final end-users receive the utmost benefit by having access to the best and most reliable products in the market.

Eurovent Certification

Air Handling Units

All 50mm TB profile units are Eurovent Certified.

Fresh Air Handling Unit

All our Air Handling Units of 50 TB profile are Eurovent certified with heat recovery options. Our Air Handling Units are also tested for best mechanical performance.

AHRI Certification

Fan Coil Unit
Our Fan Coil Units are AHRI certified as per AHRI 440. All our range of fan coil units with AC motor or EC motor on 4 row are AHRI certified.

ISO Certification

  • ISO 9001 Certification for Quality management Standard

All our fans used for AHU, FAHU & Ventilation units are AMCA certified.

CE Mark Certification

We provide motors of AHU, FAHU & Ventilation Unit with CE MARK standards.

UL Certification

We are proud to inform you that, our group company is the best & the largest manufacturer of UL-certified heaters which can be installed in the duct or inside the equipment. Non UL heaters are provided as standard option for normal AHU.