Maxell Variable Air Volume

By pass , Pressure independent, Constant Air Volume, VAV with heater

An office area system must maintain a comfortable temperature based on multiple setpoints in individual rooms. This complex problem is often solved by installing a system of Variable Air Volume controls on branch outlets. The simplest variable air volume control (VAV) system controls air from a single supply duct and varies the airflow to each zone or room based upon the temperature in the room. A VAV system consists of four basic parts: a thermostat, a precision actuator controlled damper, an airflow sensor, and a controller.

Variable Air Volume – By Pass:

Maxell VAV units:

  • Serves the individual zones while by-passing any unwanted air to the ceiling as it is recirculated back.
  • VAV system turns out to be a feasible and economical solution when compared to a fan control system.

Variable Air Volume-Pressure Independent:
Maxell Pressure Independent VAV unit features:

  • flow grid sensors to calculate the pressure differential
  • a controller actuator combination to control the damper.
  • The VAV unit is connected to the supply air duct where the air volume is controlled according to the temperature required in the room.